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ESP8266DB modul WiFi 409,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5502-608
1 ks 409,00 Kč
Modul WiFi, This Wi-Fi module, which is based on the ESP8266, is compatible with every open source platform, such as Raspberry, Arduino, Banana Pi and CubieBoard, and is equipped with a range of useful functions., Specifications, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, Programmable Wi-Fi microcontroller, Communication and programming by means of UART and SPI interface, 32-bit Xtensa LX106 processor core, Integrated Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct (P2P), SoftAP, Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack, Includes built-in temperature sensor, Shutdown leakage current, Standby power consumption, Wake-up time until first sent data packet, Max. range depending on environment: 100 - 250 m, Integrated PCB Wi-Fi antenna, Up to +19.5 mdBM wireless output power in 802.11b mode, Compatible with Raspberry Pi A, B, A+, B+, 2B, 3B, Arduino, Banana Pi, CubieBoard, Dimensions (W x H x D): 25 x 15 x 12 mm
MSB-360 Arduino nepájivé konta.. 287,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5201-1459
1 ks 287,00 Kč
This interface module allows mounting an Arduino/Raspberry Pi/BeagleBone module on modules from well known manufacturers., The kit includes a power hub for other Nugget modules., Features, for: simple Lego & Arduino circuits (Arduino, Fayaduino, Raspberry Pi), base socket : twin columns of 6 x 24 terminals separated by a 5 mm centre channel, bus strip : 3 buses of 12 connected terminals arranged in 6 rows, 6 interconnected round tie points per row in horizontal array provide an ideal placement and more tie points for DIP size chips, power bus: 4 sets of interconnected COM tie points, 8 sets of interconnected tie points (V1 to V8), interconnected round tie point make your wiring easier and accept solid wires from AWG 22...30 (0.3...0.8 mm), easy combination & expansion, easy insertion & wiring, Specifications, voltage: max. 5 V, current: max. 3 A, material:, external body: ABS polymer, internal interconnected clips: copper alloy & nickel-plated, base socket: 1, bus strip: 3, tie points: 360, binding post: 4, dimensions: 68 x 60 x 8 mm, weight: 35 g, 6 interconnected clip: 60, included: 1 Breadboard, 8 LEGO compatible posts
VM205 osciloskop a log. analyz.. 1326,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-435
1 ks 1326,00 Kč
OSCILLOSCOPE AND LOGIC ANALYZER SHIELD FOR RASPBERRY PI, (sestavený výrobek), You own a RaspberryPi? Add this shield and you also own a digital storage oscilloscope!, All standard oscilloscope features are available and the application source code is supplied, so you can develop your own application., As a bonus, you also get a 10-channel logic analyzer, a great tool to monitor digital signals., Specifications, oscilloscope:, maximum sample rate : 1MS/s, input amplifier bandwidth : 200kHz (-3dB), measurements can be performed up to: 100kHz, input impedance : 100kohm // 20pF, maximum input voltage: 30Vp (AC + DC), input coupling: AC+DC, AD resolution: 8 bit, record length: 800 samples, run modes: Run, Single, trigger level adjustable: in 254 steps, timebase range: in 15 steps 5µs to 200ms/division, input sensitivity range : in 6 steps, 100mV/division to 5V/division, input sensitivity: 3mV display resolution, time and Voltage markers readout, frequency readout (through markers), logic analyzer:, Number of channels: 10, record length: 10x800 samples, Maximum sample rate: 1MS/s, max. input voltage: 5VDC

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