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EDU10 - USB PIC PROGRAMÁTOR 2058,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-410
1 ks 2058,00 Kč
Stavebnice USB PIC PROGRAMMER AND TUTOR BOARD, Stavebnici dodáváme pouze na objednávku, návod pouze v Anglickém jazyce, Want to set the first steps into Microchip PIC programming?, This board is all you need!, The tutor can help to get you started into the magic world of PIC programming., Later it can also be used for more advanced programming., Use the free tools from Microchip, the PICKit2 programmer tool and the MPLAP IDE environment., Features, PICKit2 compatible programmer, includes: PIC16F882, tutor sample programs in C and Assembler can be downloaded:, button input reading, LED on/off, LED blinking, buzzer and display driving, LED brightness, analog value reading, read up to 4 push buttons for digital in simulation, light up to 4 LEDs for digital out simulation, read the value of a potentiometer (analog value), read the value of a temperature dependent resistor (NTC), read the value of a light dependent resistor (LDR), dim a white LED using PWM signal, learn how to drive a LED digit, learn how to drive a buzzer, Specifications, experiment module can be powered via USB, power output to target is supported, indicator LEDs for power supply and programming mode, dimensions:, programming and learning module: 90 x 74 mm, programmer only: 34 x 74 mm, Extras, The boards can easily be separated, for independent programmer use., An external supply connector for the tutor board is provided., All PIC micro controllers that are programmable using the Microchip PICKIT2 programmer, can also be programmed using the EDU10. You can find the list in the MPLAB software package.
FREELED 33B 3x10W RGBW DMX VDP.. 8405,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 6000-385
1 ks 8405,00 Kč
FREELED 33B - 3x10W RGBW - DMX - BATTERY POWERED, The FREELED 33B is a portable, battery-powered projector designed as an effect uplighter for all kind of special events. It is equipped with a lithium battery pack and a built-in Wifi module for cable-free operation. The battery has an autonomy of 12 hours in colour-change mode and up to 8 hours in full output, while the charging time is only 4.5 hours. The light output has three independent lenses, each equipped with 10 W RGBW/FullColor LEDs, which project dynamic coloured beam effects. The LED unit is independent from the base and the tilt is adjustable at +/- 105°, granting a full mounting and focus flexibility, also through the fixing screw on the base. The FREELED 33B allows you to create all kind of different position effects. Transmission of the DMX signal is available through Wifi technology., Features, 3 energy-saving 10 W RGBW LEDs featuring smooth colours and lower power consumption compared to traditional lamps, 105° tilt adjustment, DMX-controlled from basic to advanced modes, 4-channel mode: RGBW, 9-channel mode: RGBW, macro, strobe, auto dimmer, dimmer curve, flicker-free operation (400 Hz), with IR controller, remote-controlled infra-red sensor, WDMX, built-in Wifi receiver, LCD display for easy menu settings, white colour adjustable from 3200 K to 10000 K, Specifications, power supply: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, charging time: ± 5 h, autonomy:, full mode: ± 8 h, single colour mode: ± 20 h, power consumption: 39 W, IP rate: IP44, LEDs: 3 x 10 W RGBW, field angle: 105° (tilt adjustment), dimensions: 273 x 211 x 80 mm, weight: 3 kg
CHLSC10 DMX RGB LED DIMMER FO.. 2860,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-436
1 ks 2860,00 Kč
DMX RGB LED DIMMER FOR DIN RAIL, Professional DIN rail DMX dimmer for LED strips or dimmable constant voltage LED modules. 3 channel PWM dimming with 256 levels grey scale. Maximum 5A load for each channel., Features, ideal for use with RGB LED strips. See our website., controls: single colour, two colours or RGB LED light, setup mode with digital display, 9 integrated standalone modes, Specifications, power supply: 5 - 24 VDC, maximum load: 3 x 5 A, PWM frequency: ± 500 Hz, grey scale level: 0-256 levels, dimensions: 112 x 35 x 67 mm, weight: 120 g, working temperature: -30°C to + 55°C
K1200 VELLEMAN WATCH 989,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-481
1 ks 989,00 Kč
STAVEBNICE HODINKY VELLEMAN, Isnt it about time you made your own electronic watch!?, Make a statement with this neat looking DIY, Arduino compatible watch that fits everyones wrist. The watch is equipped with 24 amber coloured LEDs that are bright enough to be clearly visible in broad daylight!, The most difficult SMD components are pre-soldered but the rest of the soldering fun is up to you., The watch is Arduino based and pre-programmed with an addictive reflex game and of course with a basic time view. These functions are triggered by pressing the single multipurpose button and is displayed by using the LEDs. Then again, you can easily re-program it to your liking by using the custom cradle (K1201) or a USB to UART module., Dont worry about the programming difficulty because you can base your own code on the open-source Arduino library. So feel free to experiment with different time views or invent your own game!, The watch comes with a stylish black fabric woven wrist band and closes by means of a silver coloured buckle. Also, the watch only has a diameter of 35 mm and a height of 9.6 mm so its ideal for both large and small wrists!, If you do not become overly addicted to the reflex game, the battery should last around 2 years. But remember, time flies when youre having fun!, Features:, Arduino based, 24 amber coloured LEDs that are bright enough to be visible in broad daylight, single multipurpose button, black wristband included, pre-programmed reflex game and time view, easily re-programmable (by using the K1201: PROGRAMMING CRADLE FOR VELLEMAN WATCH or a USB to UART module), Arduino library available, open-source, Specifications:, CPU: ATMega328p, RTC: PCF8523TS, stand-by current consumption: 2 µA, battery: CR2032 (not incl.), battery life: 2 years (normal use), diameter: 35 mm, wrist band width: 18 mm, wrist band material: synthetic black fabric, wrist band closing: steel buckle, height: 9.6 mm
TEPLOMĚR SE SONDOU BEZDRÁTOVÝ .. 919,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5501-9055
1 ks 919,00 Kč
WIRELESS BBQ THERMOMETER WITH APP (WIRE LENGTH 80 cm), Worrying about getting your BBQ burnt out? You dont know when your food is ready? Now you can grill much easier using the EasyBBQ app and this wireless thermometer., Simply plug the probe of the thermometer into the meat, select the meat type and degree of doneness in the app, and EasyBBQ will do the rest, You will know the real-time status of the food with your phone, even if you are 30 feet away! An alarm sounds on the thermometer and on your phone when the food is ready. With EasyBBQ, spend more time with your friends, instead of taking care of the BBQ., Features, compliant for contact with foodstuffs, app: Easybbq, Specifications, display: RGB LED indicator, app on smartphone, wireless range: 10 m, temp. tolerance range:, short time measurement: - 50 to + 420 °C, continuous measurement: 0 to + 350 °C, range & accuracy:, 0-200 °C: +/-1 %, 200-300 °C: +/-2 %, power supply: 1 x 3 V CR2032 (incl.), compatible devices: iPhone 4S and later models, iPod Touch 5th generation and later models, iPad 3rd generation and later models, Android phones with Android 4.3 or later OS version equipped with BT 4.0 module
VM207 64-LED RGB MATRIX 1595,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-490
1 ks 1595,00 Kč
VM207 64-LED RGB MATRIX - sestavený modul, Display dazzling, colourful, 2D or 3D, static or animated images and even video straight from your favorite microcontroller platform. Quantity: 1 panel!, Important: To avoid damage to the panel, make sure to observe the safety information supplied with the panel., Features:, 8 x 8 matrix (1 panel), each led is individually addressable, 16 million colours, extremely bright, units can be chained to create bigger displays, no gaps between chained units, 3-wire interface, requires only 1 microcontroller I/O, drive the panels with the platform of your choice, (Arduino Platform: Uno, Mega, Yún, Teensy, …), compatible with several popular Arduino libraries, .STL file for 3D-printable mounts available, Specifications:, WS2812S LEDs, power supply: 5 VDC, current consumption: 3,5 A / panel max., dimensions: 72 x 72 x 3 mm, LED pitch: 9 mm
VMA209 MULTI-FUNCTION SHIELD E.. 261,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5505-050
1 ks 261,00 Kč
MULTI-FUNCTION SHIELD EXPANSION BOARD FOR ARDUINO, Features, 4 digit 7 segment LED display module, 4 x surface mount LEDs in a parallel configuration, 10 K adjustable precision potentiometer, 3 x independent push buttons, piezo buzzer, DS18B20 and LM35 interface, infrared receiver interface, serial interface header, Specifications, dimensions: 69 x 54 x 11 mm, weight: 27 g
VMA425 4-DIGIT DISPLAY WITH DR.. 152,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5505-108
1 ks 152,00 Kč
4-DIGIT DISPLAY WITH DRIVER MODULE (TM1637 DRIVER), With this 4 digit Seven segment display module, you can easily add a 4 number LED readout to your projects. Useful for making a clock, timer, temperature readout, etc., Features, serial 4 digit display module, uses just 2 pins to communicate with your microcontroller, 4 M2 mounting holes for easy mounting in your projects, seven segment displays with the : in between, pinout: GND = 0 V, VCC = 5 V or 3.3 V, DIO = data input from microcontroller, CLK = clock signal from microcontroller, Specifications, operating voltage: 3.3 V or 5 V, LED colour: red, driver chipset: TM1637
VMW100 BRIGHTDOT WEARABLE DEVE.. 1377,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5505-128
1 ks 1377,00 Kč
BRIGHTDOT WEARABLE DEVELOPMENT BOARD, This BrightDot is an ATmega32U4 based, Arduino compatible development board that you can use as a wearable or e-textile. Be creative and use the multicoloured RGB LEDs to brighten up your wardrobe, decorations, backpack or even make Christmas ornaments!, The alligator friendly pads/holes enable you to quickly prototype your creation. The pads were also made bigger to ease the use of conductive wire and they are gold plated to ensure durability. The integrated single cell LiPo charger makes the LED badge more versatile, even though it has an existing open system., The 24 BrightDot LEDs (WS2812) enable you to display bright and colourful animations with just a single pin!, This module comes preloaded with a watch program and an onboard hardware real time clock. The real time clock enables you to keep the time, even when the ATMega32u4 is powered off (but the power supply must stay connected). With the onboard single colour LED and button, you can quickly debug and test programs without any wires. To top things off, a dedicated ON/OFF switch is included to keep the power consumption as low as possible when youre not using the device., Features, Atmega32u4 @ 8 MHz, native USB support, 24 BrightDot addressable RGB LEDs (WS2812), ON/OFF switch, reset button, 1 user button, 1 user LED, PCF8523 RTC clock, 10 GPIO sewable contacts and alligator clip friendly, charging indicator LED, RX/TX LED indication, LEDs are mounted in a clock form, free Arduino library, included:, an easy to use battery holder for 3 AA batteries (batteries not incl.), USB 2.0 A to micro USB cable, Specifications, dimensions:, diameter: 8 cm, height: 9 mm, power supply: USB or battery powered, max. battery supply voltage: 6 V, current consumption: min. 20 mA, max. 1 A (when all RGB LEDs are on, software limited), battery or USB pass through output: max. 1 A (depends on battery and USB capacity), CPU speed: 8 MHz

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