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INRAD-94 KENWOOD 8830kHz 2100Hz SSB TS450, TS570, TS690, TS850, TS950 4,00 Kč Skladem GES 08900226
INRAD 2100Hz/8830kHz. KENWOOD TS450, TS570, TS690, TS850, TS950
AK DVI 631/02 329,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08803850
Kabel propojovací DVI-I (24+5) zástrčka / DVI-I (24+5) zástrčka, dual link, 2,0m
INRAD-94 KENWOOD 8830kHz 2100Hz SSB TS120, TS130, TS430, TS440, TS830, TS870, TS930, TS940 4,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900227
INRAD 2100Hz/8830kHz. KENWOOD TS120, TS130, TS430, TS440, TS830, TS870, TS930, TS940
MFJ-299 Stolní exkluzivní mikrofonní konzole s ekvalizérem 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900631
Deluxe Desk Top Microphone/EQ
MFJ-969 Anténní tuner - roller, 300W, 160m - 6m 7,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901033
MFJ-989D 1500 Watt Anténní tuner - roller, 160-10m 14,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901040
1500 Watt Anténní tuner 1.8 až 30 MHz
MFJ-9315K STAVEBNICE - QRP CW TCVR, 15m / 1W max. 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901001
Stavebnice MFJ Cub - QRP CW Transceiver, 15m. Výuková stavebnice, anglická dokumentace.
MFJ-9317K STAVEBNICE - QRP CW TCVR, 17m / 1W max. 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901003
Stavebnice MFJ Cub - QRP CW Transceiver, 17m. Výuková stavebnice, anglická dokumentace.
MFJ-9320K STAVEBNICE - QRP CW TCVR, 20m / 2W max. 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901005
Stavebnice MFJ Cub - QRP CW Transceiver, 20m. Výuková stavebnice, anglická dokumentace.
MFJ-9330K STAVEBNICE - QRP CW TCVR, 30m / 2W max. 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901007
Stavebnice MFJ Cub - QRP CW Transceiver, 30m. Výuková stavebnice, anglická dokumentace.
MFJ-9340K STAVEBNICE - QRP CW TCVR, 40m / 2W max. 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901010
Stavebnice MFJ Cub - QRP CW Transceiver, 40m. Výuková stavebnice, anglická dokumentace.
MFJ-9380K STAVEBNICE - QRP CW TCVR, 80m / 2W max. 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901012
Stavebnice MFJ Cub - QRP CW Transceiver, 80m. Výuková stavebnice, anglická dokumentace.
BN-4000N BALUN 4,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901364
HY-GAIN / Beam, proudový balun pro dipól, 1-54MHz, maximální výkon 4kW, N-konektor
HY-GAIN POTENCIOMETR 500 Ohmů pro rotátory 1,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901794
HY-GAIN Náhradní potenciometr 500 Ohmů pro rotátory HY-GAIN
GMV MIKROFON "VINTAGE" 5,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901641
HEIL Zlatý standardní mikrofon pro starší TCVRy. Vysokoimpedanční.
MFJ-762 ÚTLUMOVÝ ČLÁNEK - ATENUÁTOR 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900912
Atenuátor 81dB; 50 Ohm; do 170MHz; konektory BNC female
MFJ-864 Wattmetr a měřič přizpůsobení s křížovým měřidlem, 1.8-60/144/430MHz, 30W/300W 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901094
Wattmetr s křížovým měřidlem 1.8-60/144/440 MHz 30/300W
MFJ-4125 Spínaný zdroj 85-135/170-260VAC, 13.8V/25Amax/22Atrvale. Nemá CE certifikaci 2,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900708
Spínaný zdroj 85-135/170-260VAC, 13.8V/25Amax/22Atrv.; Nemá certifikaci pro použití na území EU.
MFJ-4225MV Spínaný zdroj 85-135/170-260VAC, 9-15VDC/25Amax/22Atrv.; Nemá CE certifikaci 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900716
Spínaný zdroj 85-135/170-260VAC, 9-15VDC/25Amax/22Atrv.; Nemá certifikaci pro použití na území EU
MFJ-4245MV Spínaný zdroj 85-135/170-260VAC, 9-15VDC/45Amax/40Atrvale; Nemá CE certifikaci 5,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900719
Spínaný zdroj 85-135/170-260VAC, 9-15VDC/45Amax/40Atrvale; Nemá certifikaci pro použití na území EU.
INRAD-FT-1000MP Key Click Mod 525,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900285
INRAD Modul pro zlepšení klíčování pro TCVR FT1000 MP, MARKV FT1000MP
Modul pro TCVR FT920. Umožní instalovat 1 filtr INRAD nebo 2 filtry INRAD za sebou
ALS-500MXCE 36,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900303
Polovodičový PA 500Wout (70Win); 13.6VDC / 80A; 4kg; 9,5x22,9x39,4cm; 160-10m
ALS-500MRXCE 37,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901827
Polovodičový PA 500Wout (70Win); 13.6VDC/80A; 9,5x22,9x39,4cm; 160-10m+dálk.ovládání
2x CEILING SPEAKERS - WIRELESS.. 1759,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 6001-154
1 ks 1759,00 Kč
This wireless ceiling speaker kit includes 2 x 6.5 palce ceiling speakers with built-in tweeters and moisture resistant cones, wireless stereo amplifier, 2 x 3 m speaker leads, power supply and cut-out template. The speakers are good quality and come with a fitted tweeter for greater clarity and brightness. Ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor covered areas (speakers only) as well as lounges, offices and shops..., Features, compatible with most wireless devices, easy to install and use, contents:, 2 x 6.5 palce ceiling speakers with built-in tweeters and moisture resistant cones, wireless stereo amplifier, 2 x 3 m speaker leads, power supply, cut-out template, Specifications, wireless amplifier:, power supply: 12 VDC 2 A (not incl.), RMS power: 2 x 15 W 8 Ohm, dimensions: 118 x 41 x 27 mm, weight: 128 g, speakers:, power (max.): 80 W, magnet: 6.4 Oz, frequency response: 80 Hz-18 kHz, impedance: 4 Ohm, sensitivity: 90 dB, dimensions: 147 x 114 x 74 mm, weight: 715 g
3D PERO-3 OLED 2183,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5210-6013
1 ks 2183,00 Kč
3D PRINTING PEN WITH OLED DISPLAY, Features, - can be powered with a power bank, connection to AC/DC adapter not required, - all-metal housing, - OLED screen displays temperature, speed and material, - super slim design and nozzle, - double click load/unload button to fill and remove filament automatically, - OSD language: multi-language customized, Specifications, - input voltage: 5 VDC 2A (USB cable), - power supply: AC/DC adapter of power bank (not incl.), - screen: OLED, - pen material: metal, - nozzle: 0.6 mm diameter ceramic, - printing material: 1.5-1.75 mm ABS/PLA filament, - print range: unlimited, - molding speed: adjustable, - temperature: 130-230°C adjustable, - dimensions: 145 x 14 mm, - pen net weight: 40 g
3D PERO-4 900,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5210-6014
1 ks 900,00 Kč
3D PRINTING PEN WITH STAND, Features, can be powered with a power bank of min. 2 A (optional) or via USB adapter (optional), load/unload button to fill and remove filament automatically, filament will be reversed out automatically if the pen is idle for 2 min., speed control button : fast - normal - slow, super slim design, with stand, USB cable included, filament switch with type indicator ABS / PLA, Specifications, input voltage: 5 VDC 2 A 10 W (USB cable), power supply: AC/DC adapter or power bank (not incl.), pen material: plastic, nozzle: 0.7 mm diameter ceramic, printing material: 1.5-1.75 mm ABS/PLA filament, print range: unlimited, molding speed: adjustable, filament temperature: ABS 210 °C - PLA 190 °C, dimensions: 150 x 38 x 23 mm, pen net weight: 50 g, discharging mode: hot melt extrusion molding, molding: three-dimensional molding, filament diameter: 1.75 mm
1 ks 6505,00 Kč
ADVANCED SEMICONDUCTOR ANALYZER with Curve Tracing, The DCA Pro has an advanced new design that features a graphics display, USB communications, PC software and an enhanced component identification library., Features, stand-alone or with a PC, automatic component type identification, automatic pinout identification, special feature identification such as protection diodes and resistor shunts, bipolar transistors: gain and leakage current measurements, silicon and germanium detection, gate threshold measurement for Enhancement Mode MOSFETs, semiconductor forward voltage measurement for diodes, LEDs and, transistor Base-Emitter junctions, automatic and manual power-off, Specifications, Specification Summary at 20°C (68°F) unless otherwise specified, peak test current into short circuit: -5.5 mA to 5.5 mA, peak test voltage across open circuit: -5.1 V to 5.1 V, transistor:, gain range (Hfe): 4 - 65 000, gain accuracy: ± 3% ± 5 Hfe, Vceo test voltage: 2.0 V - 3.0 V, Vbe accuracy: -2% -20 mV to +2% + 20 mV, VBE for Darlington (shunted): 0.95 V - 1.80 V (0.75 V - 1.80 V), base-emitter shunt threshold: 50 k&Omega, - 70 k&Omega,, BJT collector test current: 2.45 mA - 2.55 mA, BJT acceptable leakage: 0.7 mA, MOSFET:, gate threshold range: 0.1 V - 5.0 V, threshold accuracy: -2% -20 mV to +2% +20 mV, drain test current: 2.45 mA - 255 mA, gate resistance: 8 k&Omega,, depletion drain test current: 4.5 mA, JFET drain-source test current: 0.5 mA - 5.5 mA, SCR/Triac:, gate test current: 4.5 mA, load test current: 5.0 mA, diode:, test current: 5.0 mA, voltage accuracy: -2% -20 mV to +2% +20 mV, Vf for LED identification: 1.50 V - 4.00 V, short circuit threshold: 10 &Omega,, battery:, type: MN21 / L1028 / GP23A 12 V alkaline, voltage range: 7.50 V - 12 V, warning threshold: 8.25 V, dimensions: 103 x 70 x 20 mm, Weight per product (nett): 0.098kg, operating temperature range: 10°C ... 40°C
ANALYZÁTOR ZENEROVÝCH/LED DIO.. 1961,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5201-2698
1 ks 1961,00 Kč
ATLAS ZEN - ZENER DIODE ANALYSER (0 - 50 V), Features, test Zener diodes, Avalanche diodes, VDRs, TVSs, LED strings and much more (up to 50 V), measures breakdown voltage (0.00 V to 50.00 V) with a resolution as fine as 20 mV, measures slope resistance (up to 1 kOhm at 15 mA with a 1Ohm resolution), supports most Zeners, Avalanche diodes and reference diodes from 0 V up to 50 V, great for testing VDRs, TVSs and other types of voltage protection devices, selectable test currents: 2 mA, 5 mA, 10 mA, 15 mA, tiny duty cycle of test current to minimise heating of your component, even when testing at 50 V and 15 mA, single alkaline AAA battery (incl.), long battery life and regulated test conditions even when the battery voltage is as low as 1.0 V, continuous measurement display (updated 3 times per second), hold-function to hold displayed values even if component is removed, fitted gold plated crocodile (alligator) clips, comprehensive printed user guide available (English - German - Italian), Specifications, specification summary at 20-25 °C (68-77 °F) unless otherwise specified, Zener voltage range (Vz): 0.0 V - 50.0 V, nominal test currents (Iz) : 2mA, 5mA, 10mA, 15mA, set test current accuracy: ± 1 % ± 0.2 mA, Zener voltage measurement accuracy: ± 1% ± 40 mV, Zener voltage measurement resolution : 20 mV - 40 mV, test frequency accuracy: -1.5% ... +1.5%, 60 V pulsed DC satisfies lower limit of 75 V(DC) for Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, test current into a short circuit (pulsed) : 35 mA, test current duty cycle :, min: 0.1%, max: 5%, typical: 1%, duty cycle of test current designed to keep power dissipation of Zener under test to very low levels, maximum external voltage: ± 50 V, slope resistance measurement range:, Iz = 2 mA: 0-8000 Ohm, Iz = 5 mA: 0-3200 Ohm, Iz = 10 mA: 0-1600 Ohm, Iz = 15 mA: 0-1000 Ohm, displayed slope resistance resolution:, Iz = 2 mA: 5 Ohm, Iz = 5 mA: 2 Ohm, Iz = 10 mA: 1 Ohm, Iz = 15 mA: 1 Ohm, slope resistance measurement accuracy:, Iz = 2 mA: ±1% ±10 Ohm, Iz = 5 mA: ±1% ±4 Ohm, Iz = 10 mA: ±1% ±2 Ohm, Iz = 15 mA: ±1% ±2 Ohm, slope resistance current span: (Iz-50%) to (Iz+50%), slope resistance measurement method :, differentiation of curve that fits:: (Iz-50%, Vz1), (Iz, Vz2), (Iz+50%, Vz3), measurement rate: 3 Hz, auto-off period: 60 sec., battery:, type: 1 x AAA alkaline, voltage range: 0.9 V - 1.6 V, low battery warning: 1.0 V ± 0.05 V, operating temperature: 10-40°C, dimensions (excl. leads): 103 x 70 x 20 mm, weight: 98 g, fundamental materials: plastic, glass and metal
ASTAR III - TRIPLE DERBY 4x3W .. 2795,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 6000-384
1 ks 2795,00 Kč
The ASTAR III is a newly developed LED effect. This sound activated light is a modern version of a traditional derby light, shining in a whole new way. The ASTAR III features broader coverage than derby effects twice its size, using sharp, laser-like multicolour beams, shining through 48 optical lenses. This light will punch through nearly any ambient lighting. Dazzling RGBW colour beams cross and rotate, illuminating the whole area in sparkling light., Features, uses four high power RGBW LEDs, with 6 X 8 groups of professional optical lenses for fine and smooth light spots, 192 beams provide rich multicolour effect, 350 degree rotation effect, digital display control panel, DMX control, power linkable, Specifications, power supply: 100-240 V 50/60 Hz, power consumption: 28 W, DMX channels: 1 or 4 channel mode, DMX in- and output: 3-pin XLR, number of LEDs: 4 x 3 W RGBW + 16 x 0.5 W (strobe effect), dimensions: 190 x 258 x 182 mm, weight: 2 kg, remote control (incl.), https://youtu.be/nYFXFBXUZfg
BARKING DOG & EMERGENCY ALARM .. 1831,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 3000-0747
1 ks 1831,00 Kč
This barking dog and emergency alarm has an integrated microwave sensor. This sensor allows you to put this alarm behind your front door and will detect persons at the other side of the front door. The alarm can be controlled via the integrated push buttons or remote control., Features, detect movement through walls, doors and glass, 4 alarm functions, barking dog alarm, alarm, doorbell, SOS mode via remote controller, Specifications, alarm module:, integrated microwave sensor, detection angle: 360°, detection range: 15 m (open air), dimensions: 154 x 160 x 110 mm, weight: 765 g, power adapter: 12 V / 1 A (incl.), remote control:, battery: CR2032 (incl.), dimensions: 35 x 80 x 10 mm
BUBLIFUK HQPE10001 698,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 6000-354
1 ks 698,00 Kč
BUBBLE MACHINE - BATTERY POWERED, Create a fun, nostalgic atmosphere with this lightweight, portable bubble machine. Operates on batteries (sold separately). Multiple bubble wands are mounted on a rotating wheel for a steady, continuous flow., Specifications, power supply: 3 VDC (adapter incl.), battery: 2 x C battery (not incl.), motor: 5 rpm, capacity: 140 ml, weight: 590 g, dimensions: 215 x 175 x 150 mm
BUŽÍRKY SMRŠŤOVACÍ 127ks HAS07 150,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5112-121
1 ks 150,00 Kč
HEAT SHRINK TUBING ASSORTMENT - 127 pcs, For anyone performing electrical work, this heat shrink tubing set is a must-have. The set includes a wide range of sizes for automotive, boat, motorcycle, ATV and household electrical applications. The heat shrink tubing set is constructed of 100 percent durable polyolefin rubber that shrinks up to half its original diameter for a snug fit. This handy heat shrink set is perfect for professional electricians and homeowners alike., Features, shrinks up to half its original diameter for snug fit, 100% polyolefin rubber construction, wide range of sizes handles a variety of applications, Specifications, contents:, 30 x: 2.0 x 40 mm, 25 x: 2.5 x 40 mm, 20 x: 3.5 x 40 mm, 20 x: 5.0 x 40 mm, 16 x: 7.0 x 80 mm, 8 x: 10.0 x 80 mm, 8 x: 13.0 x 85 mm
COMPONENT TESTER HPS141 1316,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5210-0041
1 ks 1316,00 Kč
COMPONENT TEST OPTION FOR HANDHELD OSCILLOSCOPE - HPS140MK2, Connect this easy to use component tester to your handheld oscilloscope (HPS140MK2) and receive all useful information about resistors, transistors, diodes and more, including their pin out identification., Features, a single button test, a test indicator, auto shutdown, shows pin layout, handheld oscillopscope (HPS140MK2) needed (not included), only compatible with the HPS140MK2 (not included), battery included, component analyzer with automatic pin out identification, Specifications, dimensions: 23 x 96 x 15mm (W x L x H) (without cables), supported components: SCR, JFET, E-IGBT, D-IGBT, E-MOS, D-MOS, resistor, coil, capacitor, diode, transistor, resistance resolution: 0.1Ohm (max 50 Ohm), capacitance range: 28pF to 100.000µF, inductance range: 0.01mH to 20H, standby current: 20nA, power supply: 12V battery GP23A (included), test current: approx. 20mA, test speed: 2 seconds
DETEKTOR KOVŮ CS1MX PROFI 9785,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5201-8616
1 ks 9785,00 Kč
PROFESSIONAL METAL DETECTOR, Switch on and start detecting. A fully variable discrimination control helps in identifying the type of target and ignoring scrap., Features, on/off control/sensitivity, fully variable discrimination control, auto re-tune, adjustable stem length, counterbalanced stem with armrest, robust, lightweight & professional model, user-friendly, loudspeaker and headphone socket, remark: only availaible with English manual, Specifications, power supply: 1 x 9V battery ( 6LR61: ALKALINE E-BLOCK 9V-500mAh 4922.121.411 (1pc/bl) , not included), power consumption: 8mA @ threshold, battery life: 40h, operating frequency: 17kHz ± 1kHz sine wave, coil configuration: 3-coil concentric, transmition coil diameter: 180mm, maximum transmitted field strength: 30µT at center of head, detection type: Motion Dual channel simultaneous discrimination, transmitter type: single frequency/self resonant, receiver type: twin synchronous phase sampling in search head, search head receive signal: DC, audio frequency: 600Hz, internal speaker: 50 ohms mylar cone, headphone jack: 3.5mm, headphone output impedance: 680 ohms, audio output level: 100dB, dimensions: 100cm ... 137cm, weight : 1153g (with battery)
DETEKTOR KOVŮ CS4MX-I PROFI 18401,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5201-8619
1 ks 18401,00 Kč
PROFESSIONAL METAL DETECTOR (CS4MX-I), The CS4MX-I operates on the famed C.Scope 17 kHz frequency operating system developed by C.Scope together with detector enthusiasts specifically for European and UK soil and mineralisation types., Benefitting from new generation signal processing and filtering the CS4MX-I produces a superb sharp and fast signal response with a lightning recovery time., The CS4MX-I is supplied as standard with the 8 x 11" (20 x 28 cm) elliptical search head., The CS4MX-I has an Auto and Variable Ground Exclude Control for more precise ground elimination on mineralised sites., The CS4MX-I has two Discriminate Controls for an instant comparison and analysis of signals., Discriminate 1 can be set low to eliminate iron and Discriminate 2 set high to still accept small hammered silver. There is also a Pinpoint function which switches off the motion effect so that the search head can be brought to rest over the exact target location., Features, mode: motion, on/off sensitivity, two channel discrimination adjustable settings, default automatic ground balance setting, manually adjustable ground balance setting, pinpoint switch, two part stem: with cam knurled nut locking and hole and pin alignment and length adjustment. GRP lower stem with ultra strong bolt to the search head., control box: in rugged pressure tested ABS moulding. Hipmount facility., user manual only available in English, Specifications, search heads: 8 x 11 palců (20 x 28 cm) elliptical 2D, power: 8 alkaline 1.5 V AA ( LR6C: ALKALINE AA / LR6 1.5 V-2800 mAh (4 pcs/bl) ) or rechargeable NiMH pack ( HR6C: NiMh AA 1.2V-1500mAh (2/card) ), battery life: approximately 50 hours (depending on battery type), frequency: 17 kHz, weight: 1450 g
DETEKTOR POHYBU PIR105 340,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 3000-0133
1 ks 340,00 Kč
Features, easy to install and to use, detects day and night automatically, time delay, indoor use, Specifications, power supply: 220-240 VAC 50 Hz, detection range: 6 m max., detection angle: 360°, ambient light:, installation height: 2.2 - 4 m, power consumption: 0.5 W, motion speed detection: 0.6 - 1.5 m/s, working temperature:, working humidity:, max. rated load:, resisitve: 1200 W (230 VAC), inductive: 300 W (230 VAC), IP rating: IP44, switch type: relay, relay output: normally open (N.O.), switch-off delay: ± 10 seconds to ± 15 minutes, dimensions: průměr 88 x 46 mm, weight: 110 g
DETEKTOR POHYBU PIR1300 249,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 3000-0134
1 ks 249,00 Kč
Features, easy to install and to use, detects day and night automatically, adjustable detection area: down/up, left/right, adjustable activation duration, Specifications, power supply: 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz, 6 A max., detection range: 5 - 12 m max., detection angle: 180°, ambient light:, installation height: 1.8 - 2.5 m, power consumption: approx. 0.5 W, motion speed detection: 0.6 - 1.5 m/s, working temperature: -20 °C to + 40 °C, working humidity:, max. rated load:, resisitve: 1200 W (230 VAC), inductive: 300 W (230 VAC), IP rating: IP44, switch type: relay, relay output: normally open (N.O.), switch-off delay: ± 10 seconds to ± 7 minutes
EDU10 - USB PIC PROGRAMÁTOR 2058,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-410
1 ks 2058,00 Kč
Stavebnice USB PIC PROGRAMMER AND TUTOR BOARD, Stavebnici dodáváme pouze na objednávku, návod pouze v Anglickém jazyce, Want to set the first steps into Microchip PIC programming?, This board is all you need!, The tutor can help to get you started into the magic world of PIC programming., Later it can also be used for more advanced programming., Use the free tools from Microchip, the PICKit2 programmer tool and the MPLAP IDE environment., Features, PICKit2 compatible programmer, includes: PIC16F882, tutor sample programs in C and Assembler can be downloaded:, button input reading, LED on/off, LED blinking, buzzer and display driving, LED brightness, analog value reading, read up to 4 push buttons for digital in simulation, light up to 4 LEDs for digital out simulation, read the value of a potentiometer (analog value), read the value of a temperature dependent resistor (NTC), read the value of a light dependent resistor (LDR), dim a white LED using PWM signal, learn how to drive a LED digit, learn how to drive a buzzer, Specifications, experiment module can be powered via USB, power output to target is supported, indicator LEDs for power supply and programming mode, dimensions:, programming and learning module: 90 x 74 mm, programmer only: 34 x 74 mm, Extras, The boards can easily be separated, for independent programmer use., An external supply connector for the tutor board is provided., All PIC micro controllers that are programmable using the Microchip PICKIT2 programmer, can also be programmed using the EDU10. You can find the list in the MPLAB software package.
ELEKTRICKÝ KRB 2000W 2626,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5211-090
1 ks 2626,00 Kč
ELECTRIC FIREPLACE - 2000 W, This electric fireplace by PEREL is not only suitable as additional heating, but also creates a cosy atmosphere at home. It delivers 2,000 W of heating power and is equipped with two heat settings and a thermostat. Thanks to its overheating protection, the device switches itself off immediately when it gets too hot. The roll-over protection ensures that the fan switches off as soon as it falls over. The flame effect can be used separately. You can also adjust the brightness of the flame effect yourself., Features, 2 heat settings : 1000 - 2000 W, log flame effect, flame effect can be used separately, adjustable brightness, tip over switch, thermostat, overheating protection, This product is only suitable for well insulated spaces or occasional use., Specifications, power supply : 220-240 VAC 50 Hz, power consumption: 2000 W, size : 38 x 25 x 58 cm
ESP8266DB modul WiFi 409,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5502-608
1 ks 409,00 Kč
Modul WiFi, This Wi-Fi module, which is based on the ESP8266, is compatible with every open source platform, such as Raspberry, Arduino, Banana Pi and CubieBoard, and is equipped with a range of useful functions., Specifications, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, Programmable Wi-Fi microcontroller, Communication and programming by means of UART and SPI interface, 32-bit Xtensa LX106 processor core, Integrated Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct (P2P), SoftAP, Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack, Includes built-in temperature sensor, Shutdown leakage current, Standby power consumption, Wake-up time until first sent data packet, Max. range depending on environment: 100 - 250 m, Integrated PCB Wi-Fi antenna, Up to +19.5 mdBM wireless output power in 802.11b mode, Compatible with Raspberry Pi A, B, A+, B+, 2B, 3B, Arduino, Banana Pi, CubieBoard, Dimensions (W x H x D): 25 x 15 x 12 mm
GENERÁTOR PCGU01 2007,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5201-3721
1 ks 2007,00 Kč
Generátor funkcí k PC přes USB., The new PC USB miniature function generator is simple to use and has a frequency range of up to 1 MHz!, This nifty measuring instrument can generate sine, square and triangle waveforms, and it has a DAC resolution of 10 bits. To top things off, it has an output of 0.2 Vpp to 10 Vpp., Download the dedicated Windows software and control the various signals. Among other things, the software includes a handy automated wave sequence generator., Features, dedicated Windows software to control the various signals (free download), software includes an automated wave sequence generator, design enclosure, test leads, free software download, USB cable, Specifications, DAC resolutions: 10 bits, frequency range: sine, triangle form 1 Hz to 1 MHz, square wave 1 Hz to 100 kHz, frequency setting resolution: 0.04 Hz, sweep function, amplitude range: 200 mVpp to 10 Vpp @ 1 kHz // no load / 0 V offset, amplitude range with offset: 200 mVpp to 7.5 Vpp @ 1 kHz // no load / -2.5 V to +2.5 V offset, offset range : from 0 to -2.5 V or +2.5 V max. (resolution 0.5% of full scale), waveforms: sine, square and triangle, typical sine wave distortion (THD):, square wave rise/fall time:, output impedance: 50 Ohm, note: PC USB ground is connected to GND output, minimum system requirements:, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, mouse or touchpad, free USB port 1.1 or 2.0
HOWPAR SPECIAL FX II - RGBWA-U.. 3931,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 6000-351
1 ks 3931,00 Kč
The Showpar Special FX provides a 6-in-1 multi-effect device in a slim design housing. It features a COB LED PAR with SMD strobes. Basic and complex DMX modes for more advanced programming. Easy control in standalone mode thanks to the included IR controller., Features, generate eye-catching effects with sound activated and automatic programs or via DMX for custom programming, sound activation via built-in microphone (adjustable microphone sensitivity), easy control in standalone mode thanks to the included IR controller, slim housing, RGBWA-UV COB LEDs for increased colour effects, effects can be controlled separately for dynamic light effects, DMX controlled via max. 12 channels, 2 channels: dimmer, colour, 3 channels: red, green, blue, 6 channels: dimmer, shutter, colour, SMD shutter, SMD dimmer, 7 channels: red, green, blue, white, amber, UV, SMD, 12 channels: dimmer, shutter, red, green, blue, white, amber, UV, SMD shutter, SMD dimmer, colour, macros, Specifications, power supply: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, power consumption: 35 W, colour: black, light source:, PAR: 7 x 6 W RGBWAUV 6-in-1, SMD: 54 x SMD 5050 0.5W, dimensions: 285 x 280 x 125 mm, weight: 1.6 kg
CHLSC10 DMX RGB LED DIMMER FO.. 2860,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-436
1 ks 2860,00 Kč
DMX RGB LED DIMMER FOR DIN RAIL, Professional DIN rail DMX dimmer for LED strips or dimmable constant voltage LED modules. 3 channel PWM dimming with 256 levels grey scale. Maximum 5A load for each channel., Features, ideal for use with RGB LED strips. See our website., controls: single colour, two colours or RGB LED light, setup mode with digital display, 9 integrated standalone modes, Specifications, power supply: 5 - 24 VDC, maximum load: 3 x 5 A, PWM frequency: ± 500 Hz, grey scale level: 0-256 levels, dimensions: 112 x 35 x 67 mm, weight: 120 g, working temperature: -30°C to + 55°C

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